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The idea of Teds Collection Amsterdam started when I was looking for luxury accessories for my own beloved dog, Ted. I couldn’t find the designs and sizes I wanted, so I started making my own designs for Ted. These ideas were expanding more and more. My own brand was born. 


Some people may wonder: why do dogs need luxury accessories? Simple. They deserve it. Dogs put a smile on our faces every day. They give us a warm welcome when we come home, they comfort us, they love us unconditionally. And we love them. Let us put a smile on their faces with beautiful accessories. 


Teds Collection Amsterdam stands for luxury, sophisticated accessories for dogs. All products are handmade in Amsterdam. If you need a different size than indicated, please send us a message. We listen to your wishes. 


We hope you will love and enjoy our products! 


Britt & Ted

About Teds Collection Amsterdam